Alexander Hamilton and the provisioning of Government.

About a year ago, I heard on the abc radio (link below) a report on manufacturing written by American revolutionary hero Alexander Hamilton.

In this report, he argued that the People were best served if there was no income tax, no export tax, and if the government funded all its services from import taxes alone.

It turns out this is pretty much how countries like New Zealand used to be before the turn of the last century. Income tax, to which we are all so inured today, is a relatively recent invention.

All I can say is how right Hamilton remains, while governments now tax us more than ever, force us to buy back what previous taxes have purchased (roads, airports, water supplies, power stations), enter us into horrible future debt via “public private partnerships” (actually future obligations of us, as individual tax payers, to future commerical demands from companies such as Maquarie Bank and others), and use our money to restrict our freedoms (universal surveillance of email, phone, and road travel in the UK, for instance). Crazy world.



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