Daily Telegraph: learn to spell, learn to check, and… get a real story!

I’ve switched from the Guardian to the Daily telegraph – there’s a switch that needs explaining!

I started reading the Guardian when i got here (August 05) because i liked the writing, then they moved to a very comfortable “Berliner” format.

I decided not to buy the Guardian any more for two reasons: The first was an article on whether it is ethical to buy Bottled Water… Mmm. Say no more. The second was an article by George Monbiot ripping into Richard Bellamy and another ripping into Jeremy “Top Gear” Clarkson: Monbiot has the kind of “arrogance of the anointed” that characterizes that is basically the intellectual underpinning of Stalinism.

Anyhow, I am enjoying the Telegraph. But they need to hire a decent copy writer. Front page of todays issue (30/Jan/06), they quote Mike Warburton as saying “May advice to them is,…” May should be my. On the back of the business section, Steve Jobs will be happy to read the back page of the business section: he’s getting 35 billion for his stake in Pixar (in fact he’s getting 3.5 billion.

They also need to get some news: front and centre of the business section? “Bank of England trainees won’t (well, will now) get £500 sign-on bonus” This is just not news: it is an internal memo.

They need to look behind some of the news: they report “Woody’s gang hang up their boots” (is that English?), as John Lasseter deciding not to continue with Toy Story III, and couch the story in some family-sanity nonsense. This is vaguely interesting news: the causal factor (not mentioned by the Tele’) is the Sale of Pixar to Disney. Elsewhere, they report “The Independent” as having run a Sunday story on “John Laxar Animation Studios” canning Toy story: the independent made the connection to the Walt Disney takeover a mere 24 hours earlier. John Laxar studios, however, doesn’t exist. Is that the Tele’ lacking copy writing, or The Independent? Ahhh. what they meant was “Pixar Animation Studios Inc” How cocked up can you get?

And the real story is that Toy Story is going back to the Pixar coders, that the Eisner-way is out (and Iger is in: good news for Disney stock), and Lasseter/Pixar are driving originality in animation at Disney: more good news for Disney stock, though perhaps bad news for some managers there.

So, the Tele missed the whole story.


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