Freakonomics: the economics of uncommon sense

I’m looking forward to reading “Freakonomics. This book shows the power of asking simple questions, and accepting where the data lead you —maybe drug dealers live at home because street dealing pays like McDonalds, maybe car seats and other public safety initiatives are a waste of money — and of using large public databases of information.

It also highlights how very often people believe what seems politically suitable, not what reason would otherwise lead them to accept.

I’ll post a review in a week or so.

Update, I never did write a review: but Steve Sailor did. I commend it too you.

As an aside, which is tangentially its own form of ”freakonomics“, I almost purchased the book from Blackwell, who have a lovely big store with long hours here in Edinburgh, close to the university. But, though they offer it for £13 online (matching Amazon, and with free shipping n orders of £20 or more (Amazon = £19 threshold), their bookstore price was full list: £20. Don’t even ask about why Amazon UK is more expensive and less well featured than the US store!

Just too hard to support the local shop with that sort of differential.

”Freakonomics“ (Steven Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner)

Listening to: You’re Only Human (Second Wind) from the album ”Greatest Hits Volume II (1978-1985)“ by Joel, Billy

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