Drugs policy comes home to roost: failed states, violence and crime

America’s internal and external war on drugs has had many effects, from sentencing young men to death (from AIDs contracted when raped while jail for drug non-offenses), to generating 100s of billions of dollars for violent criminals, and corrupting police forces and even armys.

After 30 years, the use of drugs is exactly where it was when LSD and other drugs were legal (yes, they used to be legal – and society didn’t collapse: wonders never cease). Few people wish to use drugs, and those who do… guess what: they are.

But it now appears that America’s war on drugs is about to create another narco-state (in addition to Afghanistan, and much of South America). This time right on the border: Mexico!

Still time to fix all of this, and simply too: Just decriminalize all drugs – the gangs will dry up within 6 months, farmers will go back to making food, crime will plummet as addicts no longer need to steal to feed their habit, drug deaths will drop by 90% as bad doses are eliminated, and drug use will remain the problem it always has been: a hard choice for a tiny minority of people.


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