A real god would have left documentation

If you were god, wouldn’t you leave documentation? And wouldn’t that be a book of how to understand DNA?

And wouldn’t you factor your code (the DNA?)


On Romeo, missing his letter

Cry out loud for shame at this world.
Tear it down
Star by star from the sky:
Mere false lights in the darkness
And rebuild to remove this tragedy

But by taking do we banish hope…
For what is the source of tragic love?
In our hearts or in the world?
For sooth it must be in our heart..
And that it is which must be torn

And by rebuilding, redouble hope
Love, love’s labours, lost.
Age is our sin
Half evolved son of sons’ mothers

See in the light of those stars
A man of whom you can be proud
Cleansed in the humility of your tears
And from you he can be crafted